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Get Joy Back in Your Life!

Do you suffer from  
unwanted feelings such as rage, fear, anxiety, guilt/shame, or  

Emotional Triggers Treatment (ETT) can remove or minimize issues like these and help get the joy back in your life!

What is Emotional Triggers Treatment (ETT)?

  • A therapeutic technique used to provide relief to clients that suffer from unwanted emotional triggers.

  • A method that provides effective results in a relatively short period of time within ~1-4 sessions.

  • A trauma-informed treatment that does not require the client to relive and recount all the painful details of past events.

  • A gentle method that utilizes a subset of experiences (without details) to help clear general emotions such as anger, guilt/shame, and anxiety.

  • A treatment that effectively incorporates memory reconsolidation allowing the mind to create new behavioral reactions that override old unhelpful patterns.

Learn more about ETT and how it can benefit the wellbeing of you or a loved one.


Find an Emotional Triggers Treatment (ETT) 

Practitioner near you to help you or a loved one overcome unwanted triggers.

Add ETT to your practice by learning our method that has had effective results clearing unwanted triggers.

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