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An Introduction to Emotional Triggers Treatment – Part 1: ETT Overview

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Hello Everyone,

As an Emotional Triggers Treatment (ETT) practitioner working with Catherine Warnock, I’d like to introduce both myself and ETT here. We will be talking about ETT in a series of blogs to come.

I had myself been doing very similar work (see Voice-Guided Vision for nearly 10 years when I met Catherine and took her ETT training – it was fabulous, and it has been wonderful to offer my clients a gentle and trauma-specific protocol that takes only a very few sessions to lift or reduce the imprints and emotional triggers that trauma so often leaves behind.

What I really appreciate about ETT is that it treats several trauma experiences in one session. This is because ETT groups and addresses issues by feeling, instead of by asking the clients to work through the events they have experienced. This way, concerns and triggers tied to anger, for example, are cleared or minimized at the same time. And this is true for anxiety, grief, shame, and any of the trauma imprints that may be lingering and causing PTSD. By bringing together the experiences that are linked in the emotional brain by the same emotion, Emotional Trigger Treatment clears the old emotion itself, so that the old no longer intrudes into our present experiences and functioning.

ETT is set up with an initial intake session that is followed by the actual ETT treatment session. The intake session gives the client the opportunity to present, express, and explain – here we talk about history and background. We briefly visit the beginnings of the issues that are bleeding through into present life.

Client and practitioner develop a series of “headlines” that refer to the events and emotions that are ready for processing and clearing. When the client returns for the treatment session, we simply use the “headlines” to move quickly through the work of completing and shifting the experiences.

Because the brain can complete and refile memories by means of the ETT work, clients achieve close and shift out of old residues. I am finding the approach enormously effective in my own work, and I invite all of you to contact us with questions or to set up a time to talk.

In blogs to come, I will be discussing what the Emotional Triggers Treatment (ETT) process is for clients, how Memory Reconsolidation works, and how this approach differs from other approaches.

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