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An Introduction to Emotional Triggers Treatment–Part 4: How is ETT Different from Other Approaches?

Emotional Triggers Treatment is a technique with a very specific structure, using the intake session and the guided imagery work session. The approach actually removes or reduces the deep emotional triggers themselves.

This is different from ongoing work with a counselor or therapist, where a weekly appointment may help us simply manage our day-to-day challenges.

ETT is also different from approaches that teach us how to modify or “manage” certain behaviors and reactions, so that we come through with a new set of strategies and learned responses.

Finally, ETT is also different from approaches that ask us to “re-live” or go back through memories moment by moment in order to work with them, which can be a lengthy and difficult process.

Instead, ETT simply asks us to point to, and briefly touch on, the root events and the emotional experiences that are linked – this is enough of a reminder for the emotional brain! – and the brain is then prepared and able to clear and update through the guided imagery work.

I have found this work powerful and effective. The ETT protocol allows clients to bring up and close a number of different scenarios in a single session, and without needing to relive events in detail. This makes such a difference! Please explore the website, and I invite you all to contact us with questions, or to schedule a session.

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